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What is the minimum order quantity?

We do have any minimum order quantity; you can place an order for one single case of a product.
Minimum order quantity applies to wholesaler. Please contact for more information about our wholesaler terms and conditions.

How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery for orders over £200 excl. VAT for England and Wales, and £250 excl. VAT for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands. Deliveries charges for Ireland are £30 for all orders.
Standard delivery costs for smaller orders are £9.90.

How much does your next day delivery cost?

When you place your order before 1 pm, we offer a next day delivery and we don’t charge any extra for it! 
Note that next day delivery does not apply to samples and is subject to stock availabilities. Saturday delivery is possible but subject to extra delivery costs.

Should I get samples before ordering products?

Yes yes and yes! We strongly recommend you to test our products before buying them. Indeed we are unable to know exactly what you want to use our packaging for, and it might not be adapted to your use. Do not hesitate to call us if you have a doubt, but the best way to ensure our packaging will satisfy your need is to order samples.
More info about how to request samples:

Can I order over the phone?

Unfortunately we do not take any orders over the phone. First because it is not secure, secondly because we need a written confirmation from you before we process your order.

Is there another way to order your products than online? 

We offer two ways to place an order:

  • Prepaid / on our website: it is simple and convenient, you just need to enter your credit card when checking out.
  • Credit / 30 days payment terms: if you want to get access to 30 days payment terms and be able to place an order per email, you will need to create an account with us. Please email and request our account application form. We will check your account and once it is validated, you will have 30 days to pay from the date the order is processed. You won’t have to place your order online anymore; once you have told us the references you want to order, we will send you an estimate that you need to validate so we can process your order.

What happens if a product I have ordered is out of stock? 

There is no need for us to issue a refund because we don’t have charge your credit card until we are sure the products on your order can be shipped to you.
When receiving your order, we first check the stock availabilities, and if some products are missing, we send you an email offering you replacement products. You can choose to switch to this replacement product or take the missing product out of your initial order. There is no need for us to issue a refund because we don’t have charge your credit card until we are sure the products on your order can be shipped to you. We will always ask you a written confirmation before processing your order. 
If you plan on ordering products regularly, we would be very thankful if you could send us some forecasts. We would make sure we stock the products you are ordering regularly so they are always available when you need them.

I am interested in your packaging but you offer too large quantities. Can I order a specific number of pieces?

Unfortunately this is not something we are able to do for now. The number of units written on each product page cannot be modified, and if you place an order for a product, you will receive the quantity announced.

Are the lids sold with the containers?

Some products are sold together with their lids, but most of our containers and cups are sold without the lids. It is usually written “with lid” in the product title when the base comes with the lid. On the contrary, if nothing is written, assume that the lid needs to be sold separately. You can find the lids fitting our containers in the recommended items section below each product description.