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Food Court and Takeaway containers

Our takeaway packaging range aims to meet any of your requirements. Whether it be soup cups, noodles boxes, burgers, fries or cakes boxes, we can find a solution for you.

  • Soup

    Enjoy a warm soup with our microwavable cups. Made from cardboard or sugarcane,...

  • Pasta

    Discover our range of cardboard noodle boxes. We provide black boxes with handles,...

  • Lunch boxes

    We provide bagasse lunch boxes, which are 100% natural and compostable, perfect...

  • Sushi

    Our collection of sushi trays are available in three different materials;...

  • Wrap and fries

    In this section, you will find wrap boxes and greaseproof paper, ideal for wraps,...

  • Sandwich

    Our sandwich triangles boxes are made from cardboard and are available in brown...

  • Burger and finger food

    Take a look at our greaseproof burger boxes, they are available in white, brown or...

  • Food paper

    Our brown eco kraft paper is greaseproof, and are microwavable. They will be...

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Products by page