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Takeaway Food Containers & Food Court Containers

Takeaway food containers and packaging for food courts and takeaways. Our takeaway packaging range covers everything you need, with eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging available. Browse our selection of soup cups, noodle boxes, burger boxes, fries containers, cake boxes and more.

  • Soup

    Microwavable cups with lids made from cardboard or sugarcane. Perfect for warm...

  • Pasta

    Discover our range of cardboard noodle boxes. We provide black boxes with handles,...

  • Lunch boxes

    We provide bagasse lunch boxes, which are 100% natural and compostable, perfect...

  • Sushi

    Our collection of sushi trays are available in three different materials;...

  • Wrap and fries

    In this section, you will find wrap boxes and greaseproof paper, ideal for wraps,...

  • Sandwich

    Our sandwich triangles boxes are made from cardboard and are available in brown...

  • Burger and finger food

    Take a look at our greaseproof burger boxes, they are available in white, brown or...

  • Food paper

    Our brown eco kraft paper is greaseproof, and are microwavable. They will be...

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Products by page