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Disposable tableware

Packnwood specializes in disposable tableware made from eco friendly materials surch as bamboo, sugarcane, cornstach, palm leaf and wood… We provide trays, plates, cutlery, cups and moulds which are ideal for a wide variety of purposes.

  • Plates

    Our range of plates are available in a variety of materials, such as sugarcane,...

  • Cutlery

    Our large selection of disposable utensils and cutlery are available in many sizes...

  • Cups

    Our wide range of cups are perfect for events. We provide single and double wall...

  • Cocktails and Events

    Discover our cocktail and events skewers, picks and mini dishes. They are made...

  • Napkins

    Our range of napkins are made from Sugarcane, which is 100% biodegradable and...

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Products by page