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Disposable Cutlery

Disposable utensils and cutlery in many sizes and materials, including bamboo cutlery, cornstarch cutlery, wooden cutlery, plastic cutlery and chopsticks. View our selection of disposable spoons, forks, knives and chopsticks.

  • Plastic Cutlery

    Our transparent plastic utensils are perfect for any occasion. There sophisticated...

  • Wooden Cutlery

    Wooden cutlery is a great disposable option for any event. Our wood cutlery is...

  • Bamboo Cutlery

    Bamboo cutlery is a great eco-friendly option for disposable utensils. Many sizes...

  • Cornstarch Cutlery

    Cornstarch utensils offer a similar look to plastic disposable utensils but are...

  • Chopsticks

    Our range of chopsticks caters for beginners as well as experts. Each set of...

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Products by page