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Our wide range of cups are perfect for events. We provide single and double wall cardboard cups as well as cornstarch or sugarcane cups.

  • Plastic cups

    Clear and translucent cups perfect for smoothies, ice-creams, milkshakes, juice,...

  • Nature plastic PLA cups

    Eco-friendly disposable cups, sizes ranging from 3oz to 24 oz, made from...

  • Bagasse Bio cups

    Sugarcane, also known as Pulp or Bagasse, comes from the natural residue of the...

  • Cardboard Cups

    Our cardboard cups are available in single or double wall, depending which purpose...

  • Lids and Accessories

    Our range of lids are available in a variety of materials, styles and sizes....

  • Straws

    In this section you will find our selection selection of straws. We provide a wide...

  • Stirrers

    Our high quality wooden coffee stirrers , made from renewable ressources with...

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Products by page