Sample Request

Because our packaging can be used in many different ways, we highly recommend testing our products first by ordering samples before placing an actual product order. It is the only way to ensure that the packaging you have chosen will suit your needs.

We offer several sample packs:


Simply choose the products you would like to try and select the correct sample pack depending on the total amount of samples you have chosen (1 sample = 1 unit). Validate your basket and specify the reference codes of the products you would like to have in the comment field before the final validation of your order. 

Please note that you can only order up to 5 samples of the same reference and that the following products CANNOT be selected in our sample packages and must be purchased separately:

294CONE6C, 294CONESUP, 294CONE12R, 294PAN11, 294PAN17, 294PANDA105, 294PANR107, 294PANR45, 210SXM01, 210SXM02, 210SXM03, 210SXM04, 210SXM05, 210SAMBRO120, 210SAMBRO49, 210SBAM3, 210SBAM5, 210SBAM10, 210MBPCOOK, 210MBPCOTTE, 210MBPLION, 210MBPOBOVALE, 210MBPPOT,210MBPSPOON, 210MBPTULE, 210MBPYIN, 209BBDIM20, 209BBDIM20LID, 209BBDIM30, 210BBOUTRAY, 209BBDIM30LID, 210BBOXATLASF, 210BBATLAS, 210WOODTRAY15, 210WOODTRAY3915, 210WOODTRAY31, 210WOODTRAY3131, 210WOODTRAY39, 210WOODTRAY3929, 210TRAYBAM, 210TRAYBAMLID, 210BOKA100, 210BOKA140, 210BOKA150, 210BOKA200, 210BOKA45, 210BOKA65, 210BOKA500, 210BOULI250, 210BOULIP40, 210VBOBALI, 210VBOBAMBI, 210VBOBIANCA, 210VBOBIBOU, 210VBOBIRDY, 210VBOBOOGY, 210VRBOL15, 210VRCYL2, 210VRCYL4, 210VRQUA2

Shipping is included in the price of the sample pack. After your samples are shipped, you should receive a £ 15 voucher code per email which you can redeem when you place your first order. This voucher is only usable once and only for the first order.

We label, prepare and ship the samples from our parent company in France. Please allow 4 to 6 days to receive the samples.

If you have any further question on the process, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact form on our website. We hope you will enjoy your samples!  

The Packnwood Team


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