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Our eco-responsible products


Once it has been converted to thermoplastic polyester, also known as PLA, corn starch is as strong as a regular plastic, but more importantly, it is also compostable. Although it cannot withstand high temperatures, PLA is a volatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. **


Bamboo grows 61 cm per day, making it the fastest growing plant on the planet. Bamboo has low water requirements and no need for chemicals. Bamboo is one of our most popular materials; we transform it into sturdy and elegant dinner services.


Whether birch, poplar or pine, our wide range of wood products allows you to add a sophisticated touch to your table presentations. ** We offer a range of certifiés FSC® products.


Sugar cane, also known as Bagasse, comes from the natural residues of the sugar cane harvest. Previously, this material was considered useless and was therefore destroyed. But new techniques allow us to find a use for it. This material is biodegradable and compostable. **.


Our cardboard and paper products are natural and recyclable. They are an affordable and ecological alternative to plastic.


Polyethylene teraphthalate or PET is a plastic that can be derived from a recycling filière, made from fossil fuels such as natural gas that we use to make bottles and other transparent products. PET continues to be recyclable, making it a sustainable material that leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint.


** All these materials comply with the EN13432 standard of the European Biodegradability Standards.

Don't leave our products in the wild! Even biodegradable or compostable packaging can have a negative impact on the environment by the time the degradation is complete.