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Our quality policy

Our quality policy:
To know the degree of satisfaction of our customers, an annual survey is carried out. The questionnaire is sent to a representative panel of our customers.Communication with our customers is essential, this means that it is not just simple information but an "understandable" exchange with customers. We are committed to bringing it to life by keeping the customer informed in the event of a delay in the delivery, an amendment to the order or any other information deemed useful for the customer.

  • To improve customer satisfaction and efficiency, we will also specifically focus on improving the following
  • To ensure the continuity of the stock
  • To improve communication with customers
  • To respect the deadlines announced to our customers
  • To communicate the key information of our products to our customers
  • To diversify sources of supply and supplier countries in order to strengthen the security of our supplies and shorten delivery times.
  • To master the Supply Chain unit to better manage purchasing, supply and logistics.